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By Janine Kelley

A "find the lady" booklet noir, a CIA secret agent novel with the blue notice of misplaced love and redemptive faith.

Seventeen-year-old Christiane disappears in Amsterdam.

UN translator Fiona Michaels flies to Amsterdam to look for her daughter, Christiane, who disappears whereas touring in a foreign country with paintings scholars from Yale. Suspecting that the Amsterdam police are corrupt, Fiona enlists the help of her first husband, Dante O’Farrell, an Interpol agent, and fiancé, Tilman De Kerk, CEO of a diamond company, to assist locate Christiane.

The look for the misplaced daughter takes characters to the diamond mines of Africa, the streets of Kiev, and the brothels, church buildings, canals, theaters, tune halls, and coffeehouses of Amsterdam. The accretion of proof hyperlinks Christiane’s disappearance to the CIA and a charismatic double agent of the Russian Mafia.

Will Fiona locate her daughter?

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